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reasoning R-PBGrng Brief. 

R-PBrn + Ging

edited by ezyang
reason R-PBrn Brief. 

Briefed by beginning and end

edited by ezyang
really HRAOERL[leerl] Brief. 

Left/right inversion: RL/HRAOErllee

edited by ezyang
result RULrul Brief.  edited by ezyang
reserve REFRBrerv Brief. 

Also similarly briefed: preserve (PREFRBprerv), deserve (TKEFRBderv). But not conserve; KEFRBkerv is conservative. observe is more briefly OEBohb

edited by ezyang
reserve RE/SERBreserv Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
remember REBreb Brief. 

This brief is an alternative to the other remember (RERrer) brief. The reason you may want to use RERrer instead is that you can append Gg to make remembering (RERGrering).

edited by Hashable
remember RERrer Brief. 

A brief for remember, basically cutting out the "memb" part of the word.

edited by Hashable
remembering RERGrering Brief. 

Past tense of remember, based of the brief RERrer for remember

edited by Hashable
remembering RERPBGrerng Brief. 

-PBG (NG) is phonetically similar to Ging, making the past tense of the brief for remember (RERrer).

edited by Hashable
right PRAOEUTreyet Misstroke.  edited by Hashable
requirement RAOEUPLTreyemt Brief.  edited by ezyang
requirement RE/KWAOEURPLTreqeyermt edited by ezyang
requirement RE/KWRAOEURPLTreqeyermt Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
requirement RAOEUFPLTreyemt Brief.  edited by ezyang
requirement RAOEURPLTDreyermt Brief.  edited by ezyang
requirement RAOEURPLTreyermt Brief.  edited by ezyang
requirement RAOEUFRPLTreyermt Brief.  edited by ezyang
requirement TPHRAOEURPLTreyermt Brief. 

This brief is symmetric.

edited by ezyang
rising RAOEUFGreyesg edited by percidae
rising RAO*EUFGreyesg edited by percidae