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ever -FRvr Brief. 

Solitary brief, vacates EFRevr for every

edited by ezyang
every EFRevr

For ever, stroke -FRvr. You can think of the E as representing the y at the end of every.

edited by repalviglator
equivalence KWEUFLSqivls Brief.  edited by ezyang
explain STPHRAEUPBsplayn Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
explain SPHRAEUBsplayn Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
explain EBGS/PHRAEUPBeksplayn edited by ezyang
explain EBGS/SPHRAEUPBekssplayn edited by ezyang
explain SPHRAEUPBsplayn Brief.  edited by ezyang
every *EF/REUevri

Note that *Ff creates a V.

edited by Hashable
entrance SPWRAPBSintrans edited by Hashable
entail SPWAEULintayl edited by Hashable
exercise KPERZxerz Brief.  edited by Hashable
easily AOELSee[ls] edited by percidae
easily AO*ELSee[ls] edited by percidae
especially EPSeps Brief.  edited by percidae
expression EBGS/PREGSekspreshun edited by percidae
ey KWRAOEyee

Suffix stroke for -ie, -ee, or -ey, as in oldie (OELD/KWRAOEohldyee), employee (PHROEU/KWRAOEploiyee), or alley (AL/KWRAOEalyee).

edited by dmwit
event EFPBTevnt edited by ytknick
event AOEFPBTeevnt edited by ytknick
example KP-PLxpl edited by ytknick
economic KPHEBGkmek edited by ytknick
economy KPHEkme edited by ytknick