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StenoWiki is a collaborative wiki for documenting and describing the Plover stenography theory. If you've ever wondered, "Why is that stroked this way?" or "How was this brief constructed?", this wiki is for you! Our hope is to construct a useful, living document to help you understand the theory.

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Recently updated:

appointment POEUPLTpoimt Brief.  edited by repalviglator
appointment A/PHROEUPLTapoimt Misstroke. 

Probably a misstroke

edited by repalviglator
yes, ma'am KWREPLyem Brief.  edited by repalviglator
list HR*EUSlis

*S is used -st if FT would conflict with another word. In this case, lift.

edited by repalviglator
sync SEUPB/KRsinc edited by repalviglator
doing TKO/-Gdoing edited by repalviglator
different TKEUFRPBTdifrnt Brief.  edited by repalviglator
something ST-Gsting edited by repalviglator
something SPH-Gsming edited by repalviglator
something S-Gsing edited by repalviglator
because PWAUGSbaws Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
hopefully HO*EFPLhoh[fp]l edited by repalviglator
hopefully HOEP/TPHREUhohpfli edited by repalviglator
bump PWUFRPbufrp

-FRP is used for -mp (there are a lot of other examples of this like bump, lump, limp, dump, etc)

edited by repalviglator
clump KHRUFRPklufrp

-FRP is used for -mp (there are a lot of other examples of this like bump, lump, limp, dump, etc)

edited by repalviglator
able to TAOEUBLteyebl Brief. 

Combination of TOto (to) and AEUBLaybl (able), forming "TAOEUBL".

edited by arxanas
turkeys TURBG/KWRAOE/-Sturkyees

Suffix stroke KWRAOEyee disambiguates the phrase "Turk ease"

edited by dmwit
ey KWRAOEyee

Suffix stroke for -ie, -ee, or -ey, as in oldie (OELD/KWRAOEohldyee), employee (PHROEU/KWRAOEploiyee), or alley (AL/KWRAOEalyee).

edited by dmwit
somewhat SPH/WHAsmwha Brief.  edited by percidae
somewhat SWHAswha Brief.  edited by percidae

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