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next TPHEGTnext Brief. 

The common words text and next end with "-xt". This ending is pronounced BGTSkts. Unfortunately, this inverted form is quite difficult to stroke. One might try to simplify by dropping the -t sound, giving BGSks. However, TEBGSteks is needed for the homonym Tex, and TPHEBGSnekshun is a brief for infection.

While you can access these words by applying the asterisk, text and next are additionally briefed with the following rule: use GT to represent the "xt" sound.

This rule applies to a few other words:

Oddly enough, there is one exception: 'twixt isn't stroked with GT because it conflicts with twitting (TWEUGTtwi[ingt]).

edited by ezyang
new TPHUnu Brief. 

Solitary brief to avoid conflict with knew (TPHAOUnew)

edited by ezyang
next TPH*EBGSneks edited by ezyang
nothing TPHOGnog Brief.  edited by ezyang
nothing TPH*UT/-Gnuthg

Not TPHO*T/-Gnotg (knotting)

edited by ezyang
not PHOTnot Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
not TPOTnot Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
not TPHOTnot

TPHO*Tnot for knot

edited by ezyang
not TPHOTDnot Misstroke. 

TPHO*TDnotd for knotted

edited by ezyang
not TPHOTSnot Misstroke. 

TPHO*TSnots for knots

edited by ezyang
not TPHOPTnot Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
not TPHOLTnot Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
North Carolina TPH*BGnk Brief. 

State code abbreviation: NC = North Carolina

edited by UnderSampled