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definition TKEF/TPEUGSdefnishun Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
definition TKEUFPBGSdifnshun edited by ezyang
definition TKEFGSdefshun Brief.  edited by ezyang
definition TKEUFGSd[if]shun Brief.  edited by ezyang
denied TKAOEPBDdeend

For indeed stroke TPHAOEPBDneend

edited by ezyang
degree TKEGdeg Brief.  edited by ezyang
degree TKAOE/TKPWRAOEdeegree

This phonetic sounding is problematic because it doesn't pluralize: TKAOEdee/TKPWRAOESgrees is dee grease

edited by ezyang
degree TKAOE/TKWRAOEdeegree Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
degree TKE/TKPWRAOEdegree

This phonetic sounding is problematic because it doesn't pluralize: TKE/TKPWRAOESdegrees is degrease, as TKEde is a prefix.

edited by ezyang
degree TKE/STKEGdedeg Misstroke. 

I'm not really sure what this is supposed to be

edited by ezyang
deserve TKEFRBderv Brief. 

See also reserve.

edited by ezyang
do TKOdo Brief.  edited by ezyang
data TAETdaet Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
development SREPLTvemt Brief. 

Based off of SRELvel

edited by ezyang
development TKWOPLTdwomt Brief. 

Based off of TKWOPdwop

edited by ezyang
development SREL/*PLTvelmt

SRELvel + *PLTmt

edited by ezyang
develop SRELvel Brief.  edited by ezyang
develop TKWOPdwop Brief.  edited by ezyang
decide TK-DZddz Brief. 

DZ is used as "side" in many briefs. Similar to inside (TPH-DZndz), outside (OUDZowdz)

edited by Hashable
device TKWAOEUSdveyes edited by ezyang
device TKWOEUSdveyes Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
device TKWEUSdvis edited by Hashable
decide STAOEUDsdeyed Misstroke. 

See correct stroke, STKAOEUD[sd]eyed

edited by Hashable
decide STKAOEUD[sd]eyed edited by Hashable
decide STKPWAOEUD[sd]eyed Misstroke. 

See correct stroke, STKAOEUD[sd]eyed

edited by Hashable
device TKAOE/SRAOEUSdeeveyes edited by Hashable
device TKE/SRAOEUSdeveyes edited by Hashable
document TAOUPLTdewmt Misstroke.  edited by Hashable
document TKAOUPLTdewmt Brief.  edited by Hashable
document TKOBG/*PLTdokmt edited by Hashable
different TKEUFRPBTdifrnt Brief.  edited by repalviglator
doing TKO/-Gdoing edited by repalviglator
disturb STKURBsdurb edited by ytknick
disturb TKEUS/TURBdisturb edited by ytknick
disturb TKURBdurb edited by ytknick
dyslexia TKHR*EUBGSdliks edited by ytknick
diagnosis TK-GSdgs edited by ytknick
dismiss STKPHEUS[sd]mis edited by ytknick