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infection TPHEBGSnekshun Brief. 

Briefed by dropping f sound. Might be confused with asterisked next (TPH*EBGSneks)

edited by ezyang
infection TPEBGSfekshun Brief. 

Dropped n sound

edited by ezyang
institute STPHAOUT[sn]ewt Brief.  edited by ezyang
important PORPBporn Brief. 

For porn asterisk PO*RPBporn

edited by ezyang
idea KWR-Dyd Brief.  edited by ezyang
indeed TPHAOEPBDneend Brief.  edited by ezyang
ing -Gg

Suffix stroke.

edited by ezyang
in TPHn Brief. 

Solitary brief, EUPBin vacated for prefix stroke.

edited by ezyang
is Ss Brief. 

Solitary brief. EUSis vacated for suffix stroke.

edited by ezyang
I EUi Brief. 

Solitary brief, AOEUeye vacated for eye

edited by ezyang
if TPf Brief. 

Solitary brief, EUFif vacated for -ive suffix stroke.

edited by ezyang
instance STPHAPBS[sn]ans Brief.  edited by ezyang
intense SPWEPBSintens edited by Hashable
intellect SPWHREBGTintlekt edited by Hashable
intent SPWEPBTintent edited by Hashable
inside TPH-DZndz Brief. 

DZ is used as "side" in many briefs. Similar to decide (TK-DZddz), outside (OUDZowdz)

edited by Hashable
inside EUP/SAOEUDinseyed Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
intellect SPWE/HREBGTintelekt edited by ezyang
intellect SPWEL/HREBGTintellekt edited by ezyang
I don't know KWROEPBeyeohn Brief.  edited by Hashable
I don't know EU/TKOEPBLT/TPHOEidohntnoh Misstroke.  edited by Hashable
I don't know EU/TKOEPT/TPHOEidohntnoh Misstroke.  edited by Hashable
I don't know KWHROEPBkwrohn Misstroke.  edited by Hashable
identification AOEUFBGSeyefkshun Brief.  edited by Hashable
I was EUFSifs Brief. 

"-FS" is used as a short form of was for composition.

edited by Hashable
intelligent SPWEL/SKWREPBTinteljent edited by ytknick
intelligent SPWEPBLGTintejt edited by ytknick
intelligence SPWEL/SKWREPBSinteljens edited by ytknick
intelligence SPWEPBLGSintejs edited by ytknick
international SPWRARBLintrashl edited by ytknick
identify AOEUFDeye[fd] edited by ytknick