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of -Ff Brief. 

Solitary brief; OFof is vacated for off

edited by ezyang
off OFof

-Ff for of

edited by ezyang
other OERohr Brief.  edited by ezyang
observe OEBohb Brief. 

Doesn't follow pattern of reserve

edited by ezyang
oh O*ERBGSoh Brief. 

RBGS is all lower right hand keys. OEoh is owe, O*Eoh is O', Oo is to, HOho is who, HO*ho is ho, HOEhoh is hoe, HO*Ehoh is ho.

edited by ezyang
only OEPBLohnl Brief.  edited by ezyang
otherwise O*ERZohrz Brief. 

OERZohrz is others

edited by ezyang
outside OUDZowdz Brief. 

DZ is used as "side" in many briefs. Similar to inside (TPH-DZndz), decide (TK-DZddz)

edited by Hashable
onto OEPBTohnt Brief.  edited by Hashable
opportunity TAOUFPBTtewfnt edited by percidae