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mechanism PHEUFPLmism Brief. 

Briefed by first and last word parts

edited by ezyang
mechanism PHEBG/TPHEUFBGmeknism Misstroke. 

BGk chord repeated

edited by ezyang
mechanism PHEPL/TPHEUFPLmeknism Misstroke. 

PLm chord repeated

edited by ezyang
mechanism PHEBG/TPHEUFPLmeknism edited by ezyang
mechanism PHEFPL/TPHEUFPLmeknism Misstroke. 

FPLsm chord repeated

edited by ezyang
module PHAOULDm[ewld] Brief.  edited by ezyang
multiple PH-PLmm Brief.  edited by ezyang
many PHAEPBma[en] Brief. 

Many words with a short Aa vowel, and a -y suffix, can be stroked by using the AEae chord. Other examples: carry (KAERkaer), marry (PHAERmaer), party (PAERTpaert), happy (HAEPhaep)

To remember this brief style, you can read the E as a long E syllable, i.e. man-E, part-E, hap-E.

edited by Hashable
marry PHAERmaer Brief. 

See also many

edited by ezyang
moan PHOEPBmohn

Not money, if you try to apply the many pattern

edited by ezyang
money PHUPBmun Brief. 

Since Plover is realtime, no need for suffixes on this one: you got it right.

edited by ezyang
money PHUBmun Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
measurement PHEPLTmemt Brief. 

But measure is PH*ERBmesh

edited by ezyang
measure PH*ERBmesh Brief. 

PHERBmesh is mesh

edited by ezyang
miracle PHEURBG/-Lmirkl edited by ezyang
miracle PHEUR/K-Lmirkl edited by ezyang
miracle PHEUR/KALmirkal edited by ezyang
Maine PH*Eme Brief. 

Mnemonic: ME = Maine

edited by ezyang
Maine PHEFPLTmesilent Brief. 

-FPLTsmt (all top right row keys) is used to brief some state names, see also Michigan (PHEUFPLTmismt)

edited by ezyang
millions TPHOEUPBSmoins Misstroke. 

Might be a good brief for annoyance

edited by ezyang
makes PHAEUBGSmayks edited by percidae
mediocre PHAOED/OERBGmeedoh[rk] edited by ytknick
moreover PHROEFRmrohfr edited by ytknick