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lest HRES/*Tlesth

HREFTleft is occupied by left and HR*EFTlevt is occupied by levity, so we instead use the *Tth suffix stroke.

edited by ezyang
left HREFTleft edited by ezyang
levity HR*EFTlevt edited by ezyang
lost HRO*Slos

HROFTloft is lot of, HRO*FTloft is loft. Mnemonic: asterisked loss (HROSlos)

edited by ezyang
lot of HROFTloft Brief. 

HROTlot + -Ff, for loft see HRO*FTloft

edited by ezyang
lot HROTlot edited by ezyang
loft HRO*FTloft

HROFTloft taken by lot of

edited by ezyang
loss HROSlos edited by ezyang
language HRAPBLlaj Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
language WHRAPBLGlaj Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
language HRAPBG/WAPBGlangwaj Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
language TKAPBG/WAPBLGlangwaj Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
language HRAPBG/WAPBLGlangwaj edited by ezyang
language HRAPBLGlaj Brief.  edited by ezyang
language HROPBG/WAPBLGlangwaj Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
language HRAPBG/KWEPBLGlangwaj Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysilio HRA*PB/TPA*EURlanfayr Brief. 

A brief for a ridiculously long Welsh town name, which demonstrates the power of stenography. The brief is actually phonetically incorrect, because it was made for the English pronunciation of the first two syllables.

edited by Hashable
looks HRAOBGSlooks edited by percidae
looks HAOBGShooks edited by percidae
latter HRAERTla[ert] edited by percidae
list HR*EUSlis

*S is used -st if FT would conflict with another word. In this case, lift.

edited by repalviglator