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sixth S*EUGTsixth

See also TPHEGTnext

edited by ezyang
system S-PLsm Brief. 

Briefed by beginning and end

edited by ezyang
seventy SEFPBTsevnt edited by ezyang
subject SUBTsubt Brief. 


edited by ezyang
sister ST-Rstr Brief.  edited by ezyang
sister S*EUS/ERsiser

S*EUSsis = cyst

edited by ezyang
serve SEFBserv Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
serve SEFRBserv edited by ezyang
serve SER/*Fserv edited by ezyang
someone SOPL/WOPBsomwon

Not SOPL/WUPBsomwun, which results in a space some one

edited by ezyang
someone SWUPBswun Brief.  edited by ezyang
someone SPWUPBswun Misstroke.  edited by ezyang
someone SPH-PBsmn Brief.  edited by ezyang
someone SPH/WUPBsmwun

Not SOPL/WUPBsomwun, which results in a space some one

edited by ezyang
significance SEUGSsigs Brief. 

Related to SEUGsig (significant)

edited by ezyang
significant SEUGsig Brief. 

Stroke SEUGTsigt for signature

edited by ezyang
signature SEUGTsigt Brief.  edited by ezyang
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious STPRAPBLGsfraj Brief. 

According to Mirabai Knight on the Plover Blog, this is brief for a long word that is, along with antidisestablishmentarianism, one of the first words that a person will utter when they realize that they are being transcribed.

edited by Hashable
satisfy SATS/TPEUsatsfi edited by Hashable
satisfy SAEFsaef Brief.  edited by Hashable
satisfy STAEFstaef Brief.  edited by Hashable
satisfy STPAOEUsfeye Brief.  edited by Hashable
satisfaction SATS/TPA*BGSsatsfakshun edited by Hashable
satisfaction SAEFBGSsaefkshun Brief.  edited by Hashable
satisfaction SAEFGSsaefshun Brief.  edited by Hashable
satisfaction SAEBGSsaekshun Brief.  edited by Hashable
satisfaction STPA*BGSsfakshun Brief.  edited by Hashable
sew SWEswe

Mnemonic, to avoid conflict with sow.

edited by Hashable
said SAEUDsayd Brief. 

SEDsed is sed, what can I say.

edited by ezyang
said SAEU/-Dsayd

SAEUsay (say) + -Dd

edited by ezyang
slowly SHROELslohl edited by percidae
slowly SHROE/HREUslohli edited by percidae
surprised SPROEUFDsproisd edited by percidae
surprised SPRAOEUFDspreyesd edited by percidae
somethings S-GSsgs Brief.  edited by percidae
somewhere SWRswr Brief.  edited by percidae
somewhere SPW-Rsbr edited by percidae
somewhat SWHAswha Brief.  edited by percidae
somewhat SPH/WHAsmwha Brief.  edited by percidae
something S-Gsing edited by repalviglator
something SPH-Gsming edited by repalviglator
something ST-Gsting edited by repalviglator
sync SEUPB/KRsinc edited by repalviglator
superb SAOU/PERBsewperb edited by ytknick
superb SPERBsperb edited by ytknick
superb SU/PERBsuperb edited by ytknick
single SEUPBLGsin[lg] edited by ytknick
science SKRAOEUPBSsceyens edited by ytknick
so long as SHRO*PBGSslongs edited by ytknick